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I’m A 38-Year-Old Woman with Stomach Cramps That Move to My Chest

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I'm Getting a Stress Test but My Doctor says I Don't Have to Run on a Treadmill

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  • I’m A 38-Year-Old Woman with Stomach ...

    "Women indeed can manifest heart disease through unusual symptoms. However, chest pain and stomach cramping can occur for reasons unrelated to the heart. Fortunately, your age portends low risk - but if the chest pain does not resolve, keep talking to your doctor."
    - Dr. Alexander Postalian, Gene...

  • I Had a Heart Attack 3 Years Ago but ...

    "If you have had a heart attack, it would be wise to reduce your risk of another one through the use of medication. We now know that most patients taking statins do not have major side effects. Nonetheless, there are many alternatives available in the market."
    - Dr. Alexander Postalian, General a...