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My Mom Is Scheduled to Have a Heart Catheterization, Should I Be Scared?

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My Friend Had Their Aortic Valve Replaced Through The Groin, but My Doctor Tells Me They Have to Crack Me Open to Replace Mine

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  • My Mom Is Scheduled to Have a Heart C...

    "A heart catheterization is a serious procedure, but fairly routine for cardiologists. The risk of a serious complication, while not zero, is low. The chances of something going wrong depends on the complexity of the operation, and the sickness of the patient."
    - Dr. Alexander Postalian, General ...

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    "There are many types of nuclear stress tests. A CT-PET, which produces some of the higher quality images, can usually only be done with injection of drugs, and not with exercise."
    - Dr. Alexander Postalian, General and Interventional Cardiologist

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  • I’m A 38-Year-Old Woman with Stomach ...

    "Women indeed can manifest heart disease through unusual symptoms. However, chest pain and stomach cramping can occur for reasons unrelated to the heart. Fortunately, your age portends low risk - but if the chest pain does not resolve, keep talking to your doctor."
    - Dr. Alexander Postalian, Gene...